Eating My Secrets

Debra Mazda/ Eating My Secrets
ISBN-10: 1640882456 | List Price: $13.99 | Format: Softcover | Page Count: 166
Most overweight women have been taught that to lose weight it’s just a matter of going on a diet. For these women, the “eat less, move more” philosophy just sugar coats the fact that some use food and eating to protect deep dark secrets from the past. Debra Mazda, a professional who has worked with women most of her adult life, knows this issue is more complex. She has watched women lose 100 pounds only to gain 150 back. Debra knows this cycle all too well in her own life. Obesity plagued Debra in her childhood and teen years, culmidebrabna_1nating in a mental breakdown in her 30’s. This began her journey to Health, Healing, and Hope. Not only did she lose over 100 pounds, but she was able to forgive those who abused her for years.


About Debra Mazda, M. Ed.:
Debra laughs when people call her, “skinny.” Today at a size 12 she bears little external resemblance to the 300+ pound, a 21-year old that would regularly wolf down a rack of ribs for breakfast. Years later, she is fully cognizant of the internal voices that cause so many women to fill the voids in their life with negative thinking. That awareness – Mazda calls being a fat girl in a skinny body! “I like to keep my before pictures close at hand to remind me that I never want to go back there,” says Mazda. “My mission is to share my story to help women learn the skills they need to win the battle with food and self-esteem while not apologizing for who they are.”

As a young woman, Debra was locked into an abusive relationship and struggling with chronic depression and high blood pressure, Mazda took one simple, but daring, a step that changed her life. She walked in the door of her neighborhood gym. Her first workout exhausted her so completely that two bodybuilders had to carry her off the gym floor. But a call from the gym manager encouraged Mazda to come back the next day, and a habit was born. A habit that is at the heart of Mazda’s primary message to other ShapelyGirls to “Get Moving!”. As Mazda began to feel the impact of moving her body, she cut her portions and improved what she was eating. Along the way, she also gained the self-confidence to end her relationship.

Realizing she could inspire other women, Mazda sought the credentials to become a teacher and trainer. She earned a BS in Human Movement and a ME.d in Sports Psychology at Temple University. Mazda is an anti-diet leader who wants women to stop harming themselves by dieting. She is on a mission to help women begin to trust who they are. Her message speaks to real women: get off the couch, stop dieting, calm the inner critic, start moving and feel better, today.

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My Review
As an overweight woman, I face the same problems Debra talks about in this book. The truth of the matter is most of us eat our feelings. No one blurts out their deepest feelings, hurt, and pains!  We do, as Debra writes hold our feelings in and cover them up with other habits like eating, drinking and for some drugs!
As Debra explains diets don’t work until we find the deepest reasons for our lack of self-control. For me, this book has been a great eye-opener!  She has opened a window for all of us to peak into our own self-destructive behaviors! Yet, She also offers a ray of hope through sharing what she has accomplished, and what it took for her to get there.
As a woman on a journey of recovery, I appreciate her candid remarks and encouragement through her story!
I recommend this book to those who are struggling with weight loss and the reasons behind a multitude of failures.

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